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Leasing Now Available

Qdrive now offers our customers the option to lease any of our cryocooler systems with:

  • rates as low as 3.95% per year

  • terms up to 60 months

  • no down payment required, in most cases

Take advantage of this affordable option and eliminate the hassle and restrictions of capital equipment purchasing. Contact us for more details.

2014 Applied Superconductivity Conference
On August 10-15, 2014 the Applied Superconductivity Conference will be held in Charlotte, NC. Please join us at the conference and have a look at our low vibration, no maintenance cooling technology ideal for HTS and shield cooling applications.

International Cryocooler Conference (ICC18) Short Course

Dr. Phil Spoor, Qdrive’s Lead Research Engineer, in conjunction with Dr. Ray Radebaugh, will be presenting a short course on the “Foundations of Cryocoolers” at the International Cryocooler Conference (ICC18) in Syracuse, NY on June 9, 2014. ICC is a biennial event, hosted by the Cryogenic Society of America, and a forum for the presentation, discussion and dissemination of the latest research and development activities related to all aspects of cryocooling. If you have the opportunity, stop by to learn about the latest advancements and meet Dr. Phil.

Qdrive Liquid Oxygen System Hits the High Seas in Support of US Navy Operations

Newport News Shipbuilding, and their contractor, Rix Industries, have partnered with Qdrive to provide liquid oxygen (LOX) systems for the US Navy’s next generation aircraft carriers. “We are honored to be selected for such a critical application” says Gordon Reid, Qdrive’s Sales Manager. “The compact, reliable designs of our liquefiers make them ideal for demanding shipboard applications where long life, low vibration, maintenance free operation is essential”.

Qdrive Cryocoolers Help Fuel Tomorrow’s Vehicles

Chart-Qdrive has been selected as a partner in an ARPA-E program to develop at home refueling stations for natural gas vehicles. For more information visit http://www.genewscenter.com/Press-Releases/GE-Researchers-Developing-At-Home-Refueling-Station-for-NG-Vehicles-39c7.aspx

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Durable, Dependable, Adaptable
Like the emperor penguin, Qdrive cryocoolers have evolved into a class of their own - durable, dependable, and adaptable to your cooling environment. Evolution or intelligent design? Either way, Qdrive acoustic-Stirling (pulse-tube) cryocoolers are well-suited for a market that demands low-cost, reliable, low-maintenance cryocooling.
Qdrive's cryocooler design is completely absent of cold moving parts or seals, eliminating maintenance that is required of most other technologies. When mass loading at the cooled point is of concern, Qdrive offers a remote head system (FAR), separating the pressure wave generator from the cryogenic coldhead, which further reduces vibration. These advantages are accompanied by competitive pricing in both small and large quantities, making them ideal not only for laboratory use but also for HTS, medical, liquefaction, and military and aerospace applications.

What's Your Application?
All our products have no wearing parts or lubrication needs, which means long-life and no scheduled maintenance. Their dual-opposed motor design makes them naturally low in vibration and quiet. And, because the only working fluid is inert helium gas, Qdrive’s cryocoolers are 100% environmentally safe. These thermoacoustic cryocoolers have been successfully used in the following applications:

• HTS – High Temperature Superconductors
• Liquefaction (LNG, LOX, LN2, etc.) See a Qdrive Cryocooler Producing Liquid Argon
• Vacuum pumping
• Instrument/Device cooling
• Medical storage
• Biological storage
• Freeze point detection
• Microscopy
• Boil Off Gas (BOG) re-condensing See a Qdrive Cryocooler Producing Liquid Argon
• Radiation detector cooling

For product specifications, click on the Qdrive Product Family Below.